Arizona Pete’s is the longest running venue in Greensboro, NC! Hosting a range of events from national to local & regional artists, as well as a diverse schedule of dance parties!

Box Office
Tickets are available in advance at Golden Spiral Tattoo (downtown Greensboro, NC).

Age Policy
Due to various types of events being hosted in our facility, each event is different and to the discretion of the promoter. For example, any show presented by Crank It Loud will be all ages.

Sold Out Shows
To ensure that you are guaranteed entry to the show, we recommend that you purchase your tickets in advance. Once a show is sold out, we can’t do anything to help you, other than allow access to one individual each time one leaves. This scenario is avoidable by buying in advance.

All shows are General Admission. There is some seating in the bar area. Any shows that are to be seated, will be marked and promoted as such.

General Policies
No cameras or photography unless specifically permitted by management in advance.
No refunds or exchanges on your tickets.
No smoking in the venue. There is a designated smoking patio located near the dance floor.
Absolutely no fighting or foul play allowed. You will be removed.

For concert / booking inquiries, please email crankitloud.info@gmail.com. Please list Arizona Pete’s in the subject or message.

Advancing your Show
If you need to advance an upcoming show, contact crankitloud.info@gmail.com.

Tech Specs
Midas M32 digital console
2 – DL16 stage boxes
8-JBL VRX 932LA – bi-amped 4-JBL SRX 728 Subs
6- JBL SRX 712 stage monitors
8 – Shure Sm58
6 – Whirlwind IMP1 Direct boxes 3 – Sennheiser E604
5 – Shure Sm57
1 – Sennheiser Kick
2 – Sennheiser E614
(more being added)
12 claypaky sharpies
4 – Martinaura
4 – Martin Atomic 3000 strobes 12 – RGBA LED pars
(more being added)